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Legends: It’s LEGENDARY

When my boyfriend and I are at a loss for where to eat, he will usually turn to me and say, “You know, we could eat something…LEGENDARY.” And five minutes later, we find ourselves walking down P St. to the culinary mecca that is Legends.

Sandwiched between a questionable liquor store and a Vietnamese noodle shop, Legends stands out with its bright blue awning. Outside seating is available (prime for people-watching late on a Friday night, when patrons stumble out of the nearby bars). The interior is small but cozy, and you can hear the delicious sound of sizzling meats from the kitchen.

But, it’s not the decor that keeps me coming back. It’s the succulent, tender, and messy-in-the-best-way gyro. (For the uninitiated, a gyro, pronounced yee-ro, is a pita sandwich with strips of lamb and beef, lettuce and tomato drizzled with tzatziki yogurt sauce.) I have ordered gyros at nearby Zorba’s and Moby Dick, but both paled in comparison to my beloved Legends. The meat is salted to perfection and juicy; the tzatziki is cool and refreshing; the pita is soft and fluffy. Seriously, Legends’ gyro is greasy heaven in a sandwich. Plus, for only $6.55 (or $9.95 with rice or fries), it’s practically a steal.

Other dishes of note include the oven baked half chicken, a hefty chicken breast roasted to perfection served atop rice and tomato sauce. The chicken is crispy on the outside, tender on the inside, and goes well with the accompanying warm pita bread. The chicken usually lasts me 2 meals, which is not bad for $9.50. My friends have also ordered the Chef salad ($8.95) and the gyro sub ($6.95), which is the infamous gyro in sandwich form.

If it’s cheap and delicious cuisine isn’t enough to lure you, Legends is one of the few places open late on Friday and Saturday night–until 4AM! They also deliver and do take-out. (And, you didn’t hear this from me, but the gyro is also the perfect hangover cure.)

So the next time you find yourself wandering the streets of Dupont in search of a place to eat, head over to Legends for a satisfying meal that won’t leave your wallet empty!


2157 P St. NW (at P & 22nd St.)

Washington, DC 20036


The infamous gyro (I finally remembered to snap a photo before devouring it!)