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Not Your Average Diner

Luna Grill's whimsical interior

When I think of diner food, I picture greasy hamburgers, soggy french fries, and questionable chili followed by a nasty case of indigestion. Fortunately for me (and my dining companion), Luna Grill & Diner in Dupont Circle is not your typical diner.

When I first walked into Luna Grill, I was struck by the vibrant murals and eclectic artwork all over the walls. Tree branches hang down from the ceiling, perhaps in an attempt to add a whimsical, Midsummer Night’s Dream-esque touch to the place. The owners clearly made an effort to spruce up an otherwise small and uninteresting space, and in my opinion, they succeeded in their efforts.

Chicken panini & cream of mushroom soup

The main attraction at Luna Grill & Diner, however, is the surprisingly tasty food and affordable prices. I actually had difficulty choosing what to order, since most everything on the menu appealed to me. After debating over the chicken panini ($10. 95) and the hot meatball sub ($7.95), I decided to go with the chicken panini and a side of cream of mushroom soup (only $1.25 if ordered as a side with any sandwich or burger). The panini arrived fresh off the panini press, with the ciabatta bread perfectly crisped and melted mozzarella cheese and sundried tomato pesto oozing out of every bite. Juicy slices of tomato balanced out the richness of the pesto and cheese, and added some sweetness. The cream of mushroom soup was also delicious–a welcome respite from the cold winter weather outside.

The Alamo burger

My dining companion ordered the Alamo burger ($8.95), which includes bacon, cheddar, and BBQ sauce. The patty was thick, juicy, and pretty sizeable for a restaurant burger. Judging from the varying thickness and shapes of the fries, they were definitely hand-cut and freshly fried–a refreshing change from the cookie cutter, too thinly sliced McDonalds varieties.

Apple pie a la mode

Though extremely satisfied from our meal, we still managed to save room for dessert: apple pie a la mode ($3.95+$1.25 a la mode). This seemingly simple dessert had several layers of flavor and texture: the flaky buttery crust, the warm spiced apples, and the cold creamy vanilla ice cream, all made this the ultimate comfort dessert.

I will definitely come back to Luna Grill again, perhaps on a weeknight to try one of their scrumptious sounding Blue Plate Weekly Specials. If you’re tired of the same ol’ greasy diner fare, then head over to Luna Grill & Diner for some simple yet elegant twists on the diner concept!

Luna Grill & Diner

1301 Connecticut Ave. N.W.
Washington, DC 20009

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