A Transcendent Bowl of Beef Noodles

Although I returned to the US last week, there are still lots of meals in Hong Kong that stick out in my mind and deserve a mention on this blog.  One such meal was the beef noodle soup (牛肉麵) at Qinghai Beef Noodles, a.k.a. Beef Noodle Box (according to HK Magazine), a shoebox of a restaurant located near the North Point MTR station.

I’ve had many versions of beef noodle soup and I am usually not a fan because the broth is much too greasy and the meat much too fatty and boney for my taste.  But Qinghai Beef Noodles is nothing like these other versions and puts them to shame both in terms of flavor and quality.

Topped with verdant green cilantro and scallions, the noodles arrived steaming hot at the table.  The herbs added freshness to the heavy, but heavenly rich beef broth.  According to HK Magazine, owner Jeff Wong slowly simmers beef bones and over 20 different Chinese herbs to make the broth each day.  The result is a masterpiece–fragrant, aromatic, and earthy, each sip reveals a new layer of flavors.

While the broth itself is a major feat, I was also impressed with the quality of the noodles and beef.  Diners can choose from la mian (ramen) or knife cut noodles.  I ordered the la mian, and loved how the noodles slowly soaked up the broth.  I also enjoyed the beef, which was much leaner and more thinly sliced than other versions I’ve had.  For $39 HKD at lunch and $42 HKD at dinner, these noodles are a steal.

When I look back over my time in Hong Kong, Qinghai Beef Noodles certainly stands out as one of several truly fantastic meals.  It’s not the type of meal where diners wolf down and slurp up their bowls; rather, the soup is meant to be slowly sipped and savored for its soothing and soulful flavor.  Sit back, relax, and enjoy a truly transcendent bowl of beef noodles.

Qinghai Beef Noodles

G/F, 27A Kam Ping Street, North Point

852 2151 0506

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