The Unpaid Gourmet is happy to announce its first giveaway–all thanks to!

For readers unfamiliar with the site, offers discounts to over 15,000 restaurants across the country. From appetizers to dessert, from wine to dinner, helps restaurant owners promote the new and unique aspects of their restaurants while providing diners with great value in a fun, new and cost effective way.

Personally, I’ve been perusing the Philadelphia, Washington DC, and Los Angeles sections of the site, and I’m happy to have found some of my favorite places listed on the site.

And now onto the most exciting part–the giveaway!  Two lucky readers will each win a $25 gift certificate to  To enter, answer the following question in the comments section below:

What dish or ingredient are you most looking forward to seeing on menus this spring?

(For me, I’ll have to go with asparagus risotto.  Mmmmm.)

The giveaway will close Sunday April 10 at 11 p.m. and winners will be contacted on Monday.  Bonus points to readers who sign up for RSS Feed!  (Well, not really, but please do sign up anyway!)

Good luck, and please thank for their generosity.

**UPDATE: Congratulations to Susan Audrey and Ariste, winners of the contest! Thank you to everyone who entered.  Hopefully we’ll start seeing strawberries and artichokes on menus soon!

14 responses to “ Giveaway!

  1. What dish or ingredient are you most looking forward to seeing on menus this spring?

    yummy fresh vegetables!

  2. Roast Duck sandwiches

  3. Eggplant and squash!

  4. Beignets!

  5. Watermelon and warm goat cheese salad! Had the most amazing one at Bar Marche in NYC last summer and I’m still dreaming about it!

  6. Artichokes!!

  7. Salads and desserts that feature summer fruit – watermelon and peaches!

  8. I’m with you on the asparagus (my favorite veggie!), but I’m also hankering for some good, fresh strawberries.

  9. secretasianman

    Stuffed eggplant

  10. Mom’s potato salad. Woot!

  11. Local strawberries — preferably in a salad!

  12. i am looking forward to something lemony. and some raw sugar.

  13. Fresh, sweet peas!

  14. shrimp spring rolls =)
    and, matzah with cream cheese.

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